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Merchants Offering Same-Day / Next-Day Shipping

Normally we are fine with standard delivery for our purchases. But at times we need our purchases as soon as possible. Following are some big names with the fastest delivery option.

Amazon One-Day Shipping

Amazon made ripples over the online shopper’s community with the announcement of converting its Prime two-day shipping guarantee with a one-day shipping guarantee.

In this context, no official date has been announced yet. But this news launched a wave of happiness over the online shopper. Amazon free shipping is available when you choose standard delivery, which takes 3 to 5 business days.

On the contrary other online brands and departmental store have to make some moves to keep themselves in the game. Nevertheless, Walmart has already stepped in and launched free next-day shipping on orders $35 or above. One-day shipping is not new, many online retailers are already offering expedited shipping for awfully high shipping fees.

On the other hand, a handful of retailers including Walmart has been experimenting with rapid and cost-cutting same-day or one-day delivery via different conditions like via a premium membership or in specific ZIP codes. Here on this page, we have gathered some of the fastest shipping methods that are available on big retailers.

Brooks Brothers Next-Day Shipping

Brooks Brothers is a known name when it comes to fashion and premium attire along with exclusive accessories.

Due to its premium inventory and elite class customers, Brooks Brothers offers next business day shipping along with standard and two-day shipping for masses. To avail next day shipping there are some extra charges! next-day delivery can be availed with an additional $12.50 for the United States and $22.50 for Alaska and Hawaii. Brooks Brothers free shipping is available when you choose a standard shipping option and meet some requirements.

Next-Day Delivery by Walmart

With Amazon’s new default one-day shipping news, Walmart indicated that it might shortly offer free same-day shipping without any membership required.

May 14 was the day when Walmart make it official and continue offering free next-day shipping on a range of products for orders $35 and up. Shoppers in Phoenix and Las Vegas will be the lucky one to get this service at first, and in the next few months, the service will be rolled out for the nation-wide order. The goal is to provide free next-day shipping to the 75% population in the United States by the end of 2019. In general  Walmart free shipping is also available on standard days delivery.

To shop the items that are featured in next-day shipping, toggle to NextDay Delivery on Walmart’s website. Meanwhile, you can get free two-day shipping on orders $35 or above.

Kohl’s Same-Day Delivery

Kohl’s is also in the race of fastest shipping at a fraction of price. In this race, Kohl’s is providing same day shipping at $9.95 or $14.95, depending on the total value of your order. After you enter your shipping address, you’ll see a “Same Day Delivery” notation on the eligible items. So, start ordering with the same day or, next day delivery is also available at Kohl’s to facilitate the customers. With the above shipping methods, the classic Kohls free shipping is also on board.

Same-Day and Next-Day Delivery by Target

Target offers same day delivery if you sign up with a four-week trial which cost you $99 per year. Other than that, shop from Target’s Same Day page to avail same day delivery on products including groceries and pantry essentials.

On the contrary, free Monday to Friday next-day delivery can be attained by Restock service of Target on order with $35 or above. With these methods, Target free shipping is also running side by side.

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Written by Sarah James

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