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Watch Out, Back-To-School Deals Are Ahead!

No matter whether your kid is going to join kindergarten or high school, you’ll need stationery and electronics to satisfy their back-to-school needs. This chapter will be fun to follow with lots of saving options.

When some of the parents are considering tech items for their kids, it’s necessary to find out whether their first-grader really needs a tablet computer, or a smartphone is needed for the middle schooler! With collaboration with PCMag, all these questions are asked to 1,000 parents. This survey helps us understand what parents are buying for their children as they are going for the 2019-2020 school year.

In this joint survey, we found laptops as the biggest back-to-school tech buy.

Around 75% of parents shown their willingness to buy a tech device for this school year. Laptops are the most attractive tech item, means that every one parent out of four is planning to buy a laptop for their child.

Which Tech Item(s) You Are Going To Purchase For Your Kids For This School Year?

  • 26% of parents are considering Laptop
  • 16% are thinking about Mobile phone
  • 15% are going with Tablet
  • Printers are the choice of 13%
  • While Smartwatch has taken attraction of 9%
  • And Smart speaker  6%
  • None – 24%

Laptops are especially an attractive bargain for parents of college going students: Around 40% of parents with teenagers in college will be pursuing to have a laptop for their kids 

On the second place, Tablets are more popular among the parents of younger children: 25% of parents with kids in elementary school and 24% of parents with children in preschool are willing to buy tablets for them. The tablet-buying crowd has backed to 10% among parents with children in high schoolers or in college.

In the discount deals race, the majority of parents are expecting Amazon as the perfect destination for budget back-to-school shopping. Meanwhile, Best Buy holds second place.

When It Comes To Store or Brand Selection, There Are Different Opinions For The Best Deals On Tech For Back-To-School Coupon Codes:

  • 34% of parents are expecting Amazon to host the biggest back-to-school sale. And Amazon promo codes as a deal-breaker,

And so on:

Apart from the back-to-school sale, most parents still consider waiting until Black Friday. Black Friday no doubt is the best time of the year to put water on your shopping fire. Some are confused and some are willing to wait. Around 77% of parents say they will wait until Black Friday to get hands on tech products, that could be a wise strategy because the laptops, tablets and smartphones fall to their lowest prices. But, one thing is worth mentioning here that Apple has decreased the prices on selected products to rejoice the back-to-school moment. Students and parents can avail the benefit of this exclusive price cut with $50 off selected iPads and up to $200 off on select Macs. So, consider back-to-school shopping at peak time! No one knows when you’ll get amazing offers like this.

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Written by Sarah James

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