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    Find Amazing Offers At Betabrand

    About BetaBrand Betabrand is a popular online clothing store based in San Francisco and the reason for its popularity is its crowdfunding platform. In comparison to other brands; Betabrand is an expert in manufacturing, designing and releasing new products in limited quantities every week. The company was launched in 2005 with the name of Cordarounds and their lead selling item was corduroy pants which were formed using horizontal corduroy lines as opposed to vertically running lines. This concept was greatly admired by customers; it was thus renamed as Betabrand by the year 2009. In 2013, Betabrand launched a crowd funding […] More

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    What you can expect from Betabrand

    Did you ever hear about disco hoodies, executive hoodies or dress pant yoga pants? ever wonder how they came into existence, the answer is through crowdfunding. Betabrand is the platform where you can find dresses, skirts, pants, hoodies, and shoes for both men and women. People Crowdfund new design projects and help turn them into full-fledged Betabrand products. And get special savings every time you fund! Here are some recommendations that you should try! Women’s Gold Reversible Disco Hoodie This is the gold reversible disco hoodie from the DiscoLab collection which has a shiny disco ball surface which stands out […] More