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Fun Activities You Should Try On A Day Trip To Jamaica Beach

Jamaica Beach

The third largest island in the Caribbean, Jamaica has pristine beaches, a laid-back vibe promoted by the great Bob Marley, and a vibrant nightlife. All these make it an ideal destination for vacationers. There is no wonder there every year, around 1.5 million international visitors visit Jamaica Beach.

With only a few months of dry weather in winter and spring, the tropical climate and warmth that the area offers to tourists almost year-round make it easy to understand why Jamaican locals and tourists alike have a wonderful time to enjoy. Tons of Jamaica all-inclusive resorts allow you to save big on your trip to Jamaica.

So, why do you hesitate? To experience beach life in its purest form, plan a trip to the Caribbean. The sheer amount of amazing things to do at Jamaica beach will amaze you!

1.    Winnifred Beach

Image Source: Trip Advisor

It should go without saying that, while in Jamaica, you will beach hop. Since the stars are already in your favor to accomplish this, you might as well head to Winifred Beach, an unforgettable, unspoiled golden strand that never lets you down. This beach is still as pristine and fresh as it was a few years ago, so you’ll want to take advantage of it while you can! It was close to being developed with a business center and villas.

2.    Columbus Park Museum

Image Source: Trip Advisor

Christopher Columbus is a well-known name in the islands, and the Columbus Park Museum bears his name. The location of this Ocho Rios museum is believed to be where Christopher Columbus first set foot on the island in the 16th century. The Tainos and Arawaks were the two indigenous peoples who lived in Jamaica at the time, not the ones who discovered the island. Families can enjoy a fun and educational experience at the outdoor museum, which offers a great deal of perspective on the history of this period in Jamaica.

3.    Doctor’s Cave Beach

Image Source: doctorscavebathingclub

Doctor’s Cave Beach in Montego Bay, one of Jamaica’s most famous beaches, got its name many years ago when a doctor there suggested that the water might have healing properties. The beach’s popularity shot through the roof, making it the top family beach in Montego Bay – whether it turns out to be real or not. The beach is small and clean, with kid-friendly trampolines, fish that swim close to shore and entertain younger guests and a cafe. Be aware that entry to this beach requires payment.

4.    Swimming in the Blue Hole

Image Source: santarosabluehole

Ocho Rios has a tourist attraction called the Blue Hole. It comprises several naturally occurring limestone pools in a remote location, just a short walk from a spectacular waterfall.

The aquamarine waters of the pools, which reach a depth of 20 feet and are ideal for swimming and diving, gave rise to the name of the place. You can go for a leisurely swim, dart through the water like Tarzan on a rope swing, or for the extreme thrill-seeker, go crazy cliff diving at a waterfall.

5.    Sailing at Nergil

Image Source: getmyboat

Catamaran tours are an absolute delight after departing from Jamaica’s famous Seven Mile Beach Negril. This full or half-day tour has something for everyone. Boating, sightseeing, snorkeling, watching reef divers at Rick’s Cafe, and playing at Margaritaville are all included in the tours. Plus, it’s a trip to the Caribbean, so lots of rum is needed!

6.    Zip-Lining at Jamaica

Image Source: islandroutes

No trip to Jamaica is complete without going on a zipline adventure. It is very fun to walk through the beautiful greenery of the forest. Also, Montego Bay near Ocho Rios, Jamaica, offers an exhilarating trip. You can feel the hustle and bustle within as you zipline across each platform and fly through the rainforest.

To top it off, you can take a quick ride on the skylift in Ocho Rios to reach the park entrance or you can take it back to the top of Mystic Mountain. Riding through the beautiful and majestic dense forest is, in any case, an amazing experience.

7.    Visit Hummingbird Garden

Image Source: gardendesign

Located on the west end of the island, close to Negril, and not far from both the Negril Lighthouse and the famous Rick’s Cafe, is a family-run tropical garden that has been transformed into a paradise for hummingbirds.

In addition to the abundance of small birds that will approach you as soon as you enter, there is a wonderful assortment of exotic plants and plants!

8.    Rose Hall Great House

Image Source: jamaicagreathouses

Before the slave trade was outlawed in 1807, nearly two million slaves found their way to Jamaica, creating some of the darkest and most tragic chapters in the island’s history. You can still see some relics of this era in Jamaica, such as Rose Hall.

Rose Hall Great House is a 1770s Georgian garden on the coast east of Montego Bay. Besides being beautifully restored with antique furniture and well-kept lawns, it’s also said to be haunted! If you dare, stop by and find out for yourself.

9.    Mystic Mountain Adventure Park

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Are your children going to Jamaica Beach with you? Mystic Mountain Adventure Park is located a short distance east along the coast from the Falls of the River Dun.

In the middle of a forest, this theme park has roller coasters, bobsleds, zip lines and climbing walls. They also have swimming pools with slides and chairlifts so you can enjoy breathtaking views across the coast for non-thrill seekers.

10. River Tubbing

The White River in Ocho Rios is a great site to enjoy river tubing in Jamaica. It’s always a fun time. You will board a giant tube for this adventure and swim in the White River, which is located high in the hills of Ocho Rios. Glide across the clear, refreshing water while charming guides tell you about the region’s history and sing Bob Marley songs. If you pay close attention, the sound of a yellow banana bird can be heard cutting through the air. Numerous species of plants and animals will also be seen.


For those who enjoy sun and water, Jamaica beaches makes an ideal vacation destination. There are always fun and exciting things to do in Jamaica, whether it’s basking in the sun on one of their beautiful beaches, exploring the rivers and lakes on bamboo rafts, or enjoying some chicken. When you combine this with the relaxed atmosphere and friendly locals, the trip is definitely worth it.

Written by Olive Martin

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