3 Vaping Myths That Need to Be Demystified!

The electronic cigarette also referred to e-cigarette is an electronic device that uses electrical energy and acts like a traditional cigarette but, it does not contain the harmful ingredients like tobacco or tar. Rather, it contains nicotine which is also present in tea and it is not a harmful substance. E-liquid is available in many flavors including tobacco, chocolate, mint, apple, strawberry, and hundreds more. Currently, many vaping stores are operating within the country but you should always look for the pioneer one. EightVape is one of the top vape and accessories stores, the inventory includes vape devices, juice, coils and more from top brands. You can utilize EightVape coupon codes to slash the prices on most anticipated products. Let’s move forward and demystify the common myths about vaping.

Myth #3: Vaping Will Not Help You Quit Smoking

Currently, nearly 2 out of each 20 Americans use some sort of vaping product. The majority of vape smokers are the people who were constant cigarette smokers. In fact, numerous reports suggest that about 80 percent of people who started vaping as a hobby, turned out as a way of helping quit smoking.

Many critics will tell you that vaping doesn’t help people in quitting smoking because they portray that vaping in incapable of satisfying the needs of a cigarette smoker, meaning that the person could use vaping as a 2nd smoking hobby. These people only believe that “cold turkey” is the only effective way.

Despite, research indicates differently. Various studies have been done in order to define the effectiveness of vaping in regard to supporting a person to beat their cigarette habit. In one study it is found that vaping is twice likely to help a person to quit cigarette as doctors recommend popular smoking cessation. Nicotine patch and nicotine gum have a success rate of 10 percent while on the other hand electronic cigarettes secure the twenty percent success rate.

Myth #2: Vaping Leads to Smoking

In recent years the Food and Drug Administration has spent a good amount of time and assets in working to find ways to prevent youths from vaping. All this because of the primary concern that vaping leads to smoking. According to them, the colorful packaging of vaping products attracts the minors.

In reality, there’s no proof available that prove that vaping leads to smoking these are all just myths. Based on the papers there is no indication that vaping eventually induces a user to turn to the nicotine in cigarettes due to the addition of tolerance. After the study, it is clear that vaping does not lead to smoking.

Myth #1: Vaping is Just as Dangerous as Smoking

This is a very common myth about vaping, that you generally hear from your parents, family and from a certain medical professionals. Despite all of the important research and development that has been done over the past years, these people remain oblivious about the real positive facts that are proven in these researches.

In December last year, JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association) released a study and published that vaping is 98 percent less toxic and harmful than smoking. JAMA collect the data from urine and saliva from everyday vapers. They found that cigarette tobacco contains far more toxic than the e-liquid. Cigarettes contain tar which impacts badly at the lungs but, now everyone knows that e-juice doesn’t contain tar and is not harmful to the lungs which was the biggest concern.

That’s not the only research to verify that vaping is nowhere near as harmful as smoking is. The Public Health England, which is an executive agency of the Department of Health and Social Care in the UK was directed from the government to carry a similar study, leading to nearly indistinguishable findings. This study helps in making England’s laws regarding vaping and created a very vape-friendly environment for the citizens. So without any fear visit Dealmecoupon and enjoy the all-new vaping experience at discounted price

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Written by Sarah James

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