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A Socialite’s Guide To Buy The Best Christmas Trees This Year

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The year is all ready to bid goodbye with memories, experiences, losses, and gains. What it brings at the end of every year is the most popular and reveling festival. Christmastime is the most memorable, enjoyable, and approachable time of the year to be nostalgic.

While shopaholics are planning to use the Balsam Hill coupon to save on a wonderful Christmas tree, I am looking for more. There is much more to a Xmas tree than just buying it. You need a perfect one-stop-shop to get the tree of your celebration. What comes next is the list of considerations related to its purchase.

Points To Consider Before Purchasing An Artificial Christmas Tree

  1. Where can you buy the best artificial Christmas tree?
  2. What is the best height for an artificial Christmas tree?
  3. What is the right shape for an artificial Christmas tree?
  4. What is the best foliage type for an artificial Christmas tree?
  5. Which is the finest color for an artificial Christmas tree?

You can go through these points sequence-wise and bring the best Xmas tree home. Let us dive deeper into the details of each point and make your Christmas wonderful.

Where Can You Buy The Best Artificial Christmas Tree?

The easiest way to buy the right Christmas tree is to find one from an online shopping store. It is beneficial because you get the chance to compare and check every aspect of the tree. Also, the internet is filled with varieties of gorgeous artificial Xmas trees. You can choose the one you like and give attention to your choices and priorities.

Another benefit of online purchasing is keeping from unnecessary expenditure. You can easily find big savings on Christmas accessories if you buy them at the right time of the year. The end-of-year season is popular for shopping discounts due to Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas.

You can also check the Way Fair coupon codes to find the latest deals on artificial Christmas trees.

What Is The Best Height For An Artificial Christmas Tree?

The height of a Xmas tree is also a crucial factor. You can consider these options and make a choice as per your need.

Below 5.5’ Trees

Small homes and areas with low ceilings make a great combination with tabletop Christmas trees. You can place these in the kid’s room or the living room as per your surroundings. Shorter trees like one with 4’ height also look ravishing on the table.

6’ – 6.5’ Trees

If a tabletop tree looks too short for the area, consider this option. Trees above six feet are suitable if you have a bigger area. These take lesser space than average-sized trees and make a stylish accessory for the Christmas celebration. You can place gifts around these easily.

7’ – 7.5’ Trees

Buy this height of a tree only when you have enough room in your living space. The family room looks stunning in December if you have this artifact in a corner. Place it near an empty wall or beside the lavish living room seats. Also, you can allow it to stand nearby a window.

8’ – 9’ Trees

Some places of living support high ceilings. You can get used to heights with this Xmas tree. Find a suitable space in the house to place it. Remember, this Xmas tree type requires a huge space on the floor as well. Therefore, rest it at an empty corner to show off your Christmas decorations.

Above 10’ Trees

Do you know how much is 10 feet? It is the height you need in a mall with huge floor space. This tree height is ideal for outdoor decorations as it makes an attractive masterpiece in the hallway or entrance of a community. You may place it if your bungalow provides enough space and height.

What Is The Right Shape For An Artificial Christmas Tree?

Christmas Tree during night

The shape of your Christmas tree is also an important factor. You can always estimate it and examine the space needed to place it. The three basic shapes of an artificial Xmas tree are slim, sparse, and full. To get one for yourself, measure the floor space and height first.

Full-Size Trees

If you are a nature lover, nothing can be better than a full-size Christmas tree. These are a throwback to winter mornings and give a rustic look in the house. These broad trees are wide at the bottom and start thinning when you reach the top.

Slim Trees

The most popular of all artificial Christmas tree types is the slim version. It is space-friendly, height-friendly, and easy to decorate. People opt for these as they suit almost minimal aesthetics. You can invest in slim trees for their stylish look too.

Sparse Trees

Buying a pencil Christmas tree is great for its shape, size, and overall look. People like to invest in a trendy sparse tree as a statement piece in the hallway. You can place it anywhere in December and snap pictures for a festive greeting on social media.

What Is The Best Foliage Type For An Artificial Christmas Tree?

Foliage plays a crucial role in the selection of artificial Christmas trees. I have discussed the three basic types you can easily find on the internet.

Tinsel Needles

Luxury lovers will love tinsel foliage for their Xmas trees. These shine brighter than regular trees and give a stylish look. Most tinsel needle trees add a vintage vibe to your house in December.

PE Needles

The most traditional style of Christmas trees is the one made from PE (polyethylene). These needles look like conventional trees and add a rustic look to the exterior of your house.

PVC Needles

Polyvinyl chloride is also a material used for the manufacture of artificial Christmas trees. It is one of the most popular foliage types with an exceptional selection of color combinations.

Which Is The Finest Color For An Artificial Christmas Tree?

I used to love the stylish green Christmas tree in childhood unless I realized it was artificial. If you are not willing to get the rustic and natural feel, why not opt for color Christmas your way? To make the festival vibrant, I have mentioned the most popular shades of Xmas trees other than green.

Pink Trees

Investing in a pink Christmas tree is fun and cheerful. It does not denote any feminine feeling. Rather it symbolizes the good facts about this occasion like relationships, love, and affection.

White Trees

Winters pairing up with a snowy white Christmas tree sounds blissful. You cannot ignore the beauty it will add to your house. It talks of peace, happiness, and wisdom. The best part about white trees is their effect on colorful ornaments.

Silver Trees

Christmastime is about sparkles, glitters, and shines. Hence, you will love the addition of silver Xmas trees in the backyard, hallway, or family room. Also, these do not require much lighting or decoration. You can simply place it on a bold wall and enhance its look.

Gold Trees

Golden is for glam and trees for the beauty that comes along with these. Try to make the most of this tree color when you give a retro party look. It is a one-time investment for folks as you can skip the expenditure of ornaments and lighting.

Blue Trees

Adding any shade of blue trees to your Christmas decoration is like an unusual pop of color. You will always love its effect, especially with lights and ribbons. Also, you can drift away from blue and fall in lavender or violet if you like.

Are You Ready To Buy An Artificial Christmas Tree?

There are other aspects to consider as well. For instance, the budget and features of a Xmas tree. Nevertheless, the details I have discussed are enough to make a friendly and worthy purchase this December. You can rush into the upcoming Christmas sale for more.

Revel in this occasion and welcome your friends to the Christmas party too. Do not forget to share the pictures of your Xmas trees in the comments below!

Written by Sarah James

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