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    Fighting the Pandemic COVID-19


    After world wars, we are in the midst of the most difficult times that the human race has experienced. Although some might look at it as some sort of illness, but the uncertainty associated with COVID-19 virus makes it way more than just an illness and more like a silent bomb that goes off every now and then infecting hundreds in a day and if it continues at the same pace, would infect thousands on a daily basis. Its ability to replicate itself and transfer from an infected person to another is remarkable which makes it extremely dangerous as we […] More

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    The “Epic Sale” by Shaver Shop

    Buckle up your seat belts and be ready for an epic ride! Also, get your wallets ready and increase the limit of your credit card because you can’t restrict yourself from shopping when the Two Day Epic Sale is live on Shaver Shop! Review your wishlist and hit the add to cart button for all desired products. That’s the only online sale where you can get up to 70% off for real. The Epic sale is comprised of Blades & Razors, Trimmers & Clippers, Beauty & Hair, Shaver’s, Oral Care, and other related categories. Free shipping is another plus point […] More

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    Get the Confidence you Deserve with Thinx

    Ever wonder how hard is to continue school or job with periods? That’s a big problem, over 100 Million girls are out of school following the issue. And millions are losing confidence because of no moral support and no proper care. In this tense situation, one name come over and spent over 3.5 years on research and development with a team of over 30 members and with the combined effort Thinx has succeeded in making revolutionary underwear that can leave you period free without using anything else. You can check out the list of Thinx coupon that we assemble only […] More