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An Adventure Lover’s Guide To Ice Fishing

Mens fishing in winter season

Have you ever been ice fishing? Do you know the perks of hunting a savory fish from under the frozen waters? It is an adventure lover’s best trip as per my experience. You can always go fishing in extreme winters.

Nevertheless, a guide to ice fishing means knowing the dos and don’ts of this adventure. It is often considered an inexpensive way to enjoy fishing. With snowflakes on the doorstep, why not plan an ice fishing trip?

If you are planning to make the most of this season, keep reading. I have shared some important details to help beginners with their first-ever fishing trip.

Important Ice Fishing Tips

  • Basics of Ice Fishing
  • Essential Gear for Ice Fishing
  • Bait for Ice Fishing
  • How to Start Ice Fishing?

Basics Of Ice Fishing

Ice fishing at the start seems like a tedious adventure to many. Nevertheless, it is free from any expensive gear and is easy to start. You can consider ice fishing as easy as winter grilling. A few accessories, a little practice, and the enthusiasm to do it right! All these are enough to give your work a boost.

As a beginner, the most important thing you need to learn is gear handling. If you can tackle the ice and hold the gear rightly, things are going to be easier. To stay safe on the ice, look for a trustable company. Do not try to go alone or try this sport with no external help.

As a basic rule, walking on ice is possible only after it crosses a thickness of 4 inches. However, because you are planning to walk over a frozen lake, the thickness may vary at different points. Hence, it is better to drill holes and measure their depth.

After crossing 8 inches, the ice gets sturdy enough to handle small vehicles or an ATV. If you want to play harder and drive during the adventure, hunt for 12 inches of thick ice.

Essential Gear For Ice Fishing

The list of ice fishing gear goes a long way. Nevertheless, you as a beginner may need only a few essentials to start going. I have discussed the crucial ones below.

Warm Clothes

You cannot question warm clothes when fishing in hard water. After all, staying in the cold for several hours is possible only when you are covered. Try to keep warm and prevent cold air from getting in. You can prefer multiple layers and make sure it does not affect your comfort level.

Ice Scoop

To remove ice pieces from freshly drilled ice holes, ice scoops are necessary. Hence, you can always buy a mid-size and comfortable scoop to break the ice and remove it. Remember, an ice hole with start refreezing if you wait longer.

Hence, try to use plastic or metallic scoops with grids or sieves. It will make the most of your work and make fishing a breeze.

Ice Auger

Essential gear for ice fishing is the ice auger. It is the best way to drill holes in ice rather than a pickaxe. You can use it to drill ice without making a deafening noise. Also, it is a quiet procedure that keeps the fish from running away.

Basically, there are two types of augers – the hand auger and the gas-powered auger. You can use both as per your expertise.

Spud Bar

By appearance, spud bars look like thin and long metal bars. They are most probably five feet in length with pointed tips. You can easily clear ice from the path by using these. Also, spud bars are friendly when digging holes in the ice.


Choosing a sled for ice fishing is optional. You make investments in this gear as per your requirements. Most probably, ice fishing gear weighs heavier than ever. It is why a sled can keep the fun going and help you carry your gear easily.

To invest in such elements, give attention to smart shopping tips. Winters will more probably offer you the best Cabelas promo code 10% off on the entire stock. Try this and grab your sled now!


An essential device for ice fishing is a set of tip-ups. These are used to hang different baits down the hole while fishing. Also available is a red flag on each hook that indicates if your fish has taken a bite of the bait. It is helpful when you plan to fish in multiple holes at once.

Ice Fishing Rod

Of course, an ice fishing rod is a mandatory part of your adventure. You need the best quality and appropriate length rod for easy fishing. Experts always recommend beginners to get in terms with a 28’’ to 36” rod. It makes catching your bait easy in the cold.

Nevertheless, if you plan to fish under the shelter, opt for shorter rods. Most ice fishing shelter poles are 24” to 28”.

Spinning Reel

The two most common spinning reels are inline reels and spinning reels. Inline ones tend to be more expensive and particular. Hence, you can prefer spinning reels as they are specifically built for ice fishing. These are easier to hold in hard water.

Bait For Ice Fishing

There are different baits to use for ice fishing. It depends on your expertise and the type of fish you are looking to catch. There are three types of bait you can use while fishing. These include dead baits, live baits, and lures.

Either of these plays a significant role in catching fish. You can also combine a lure with dead or live baits to ease ice fishing.

How To Start Fishing?

Soon as you gather your gear, bait, and clothes, it’s time to catch some good fish. Make the most of your fishing skills and focus on three aspects.

  • Always try to fish in underwater structures for a better experience. For instance, look for hills, reefs, and drop-offs.
  • Give special attention to the ice hole as per the bait you are hunting for. Experts recommend a 6’ hole for panfish, 8’ hole for bass, and 10’ hole for muskie.
  • Make sure the weather is in your favor when planning to ice fish. It is because some fish are easier to catch after the sunset while some trap at sunrise.

Wrap Up

These are the factors you can focus on when ice fishing for the first time. As a beginner, your main aspect is to grill some tasty fish this winter. Have fun with your first catch and enjoy the delight in every bite!

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