Palmetto State Armory (PSA) Lifetime Warranty Guide

There is a lot that goes through the mind of a customer while making a purchase. The product quality, price, brand name, packaging, aftersales service and durability are some of the factors which come into play while the customer decides to go for a purchase. Brands try to carefully study consumer behavior and come up with offerings and techniques which reinforce customer’s decision of purchasing a company’s products. Some offerings are industry and product-specific which works well with the customers.

No matter what type of products are being offered, many other factors help customers to choose between different competing brands. With the growing competition, the brands need to give importance to issues that customers hold near and dear to their hearts. Saving some bucks on the purchase is one pleasing feeling that every customer holds dear, and Palmetto State Armory Discount Code is all about it.

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Save upto 80% Off on PSA

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Palmetto State Armory is also a customer-centric brand which has always tried to live up to the expectations of customers. The brand has always tried to stay close to its customers so that such products are offered which are desired by the customers. Along with high quality, cooperating customer care services, latest designs and industry competitive prices, the brand offers Lifetime Warranty for its products.

Although Palmetto State Armory (PSA) is a well-known brand with a high reputation for its product quality and durability, even than the brand has offered Lifetime Warranty for its products. This shows their confidence in the quality of their products and there are a few players in the market which can match such an offering. However, many customers are often confused about what does this warranty covers and how they can claim it. We wanted to help PSA customers in understanding the Lifetime Warranty policy and here are the basic points:

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Full Lifetime Warranty Statement

The brands clearly state that all their firearms and parts are backed by Full Lifetime Warranty. The company is confident that its firearms and parts are warranted to be free from defects in materials and craftsmanship. Their state of the art manufacturing, robust quality controls and top-notch craftsmanship are the reasons behind this full lifetime warranty. The brand has invested heavily in their research and development which translates into better designs, improved quality and higher utility for the customers. Although the prototypes go through many quality tests, the production line also goes through many quality control tests to make sure every item is free from defects.

Time period of Full Lifetime Warranty

This warranty is valid for the serviceable lifetime of the company’s firearms or parts. From the perspective of a customer, this full lifetime warranty is pretty cool as this provides peace of mind for the serviceable period of the firearm or part. The customer wants to be saved from any risks occurring from any defect or malfunction of the firearm with normal use. Mishaps do happen and knowing that you are covered for any sort of mishap is such a relief.

Save upto 80% Off on PSA

Palmetto State Armory’s liability

The company wants to facilitate its customers and would gladly accept their firearms or parts for replacement or repair for any defect at its discretion. The brand shares a free shipping label with customers so that they can easily send items to claim warranty. Not only this, but the company also covers the transportation and insurance charges to send the items back to the owner.

Transferability of the Warranty

The company stands by its warranty even after the transfer of property from the first owner. The company stands by its products for the serviceable lifetime of the firearm or part. The warranty for firearm or part is transferable for the serviceable lifetime. However, any modifications made to the firearm will void the warranty. Normal wear and tear are not covered under this warranty. Any damage to the firearm or part due to neglect, corrosion, careless handling, repairs and adjustments, improper, substandard or defective ammunition will not be covered under this warranty.

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Things not Covered by this Warranty

The company takes no responsibility for any incidental or consequential damages due to any economic loss or injury to property, whether as a result of an express or implied warranty, negligence or otherwise. However, some state laws do not allow this inclusion and will not apply to customers in these states. This warranty does not cover damage due to unauthorized adjustments or mishandling of the firearm or part. Ordinary wear and tear, corrosion, neglect or unreasonable use are also not covered. Any damage to the firearm or part due to the use of low-quality, defective, improper, or reloaded ammunition is also not covered under this warranty.

Easy process to claim warranty

The customers are required to contact Palmetto State Armory Customer Service at 803-724-6950, Monday through Friday from 9 am – 6 pm EST to claim warranty. Customer service team will issue an RMA number which authorizes the warranty. The team also provides a prepaid return shipping label through an email which the customer can use to send back the items.

Save upto 80% Off on PSA

Customers must mention RMA number on the warranty claim as it helps in the processing of warranty. After the firearm or part has been repaired or replaced, the same will be sent to the customer and the company will bear the shipping and insurance cost.


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