Some Savings for Students in these Pandemic Hit Times


As industries throughout the world struggle to fight COVID-19, it is becoming harder by the day to sustain. The lockdown has made the situation out of control for many sectors and alternative course of actions are being put in place. However, these measures are proving to be too little for the pandemic of this magnitude. Just like other sectors, the education sector is also one of the worst-hit by the virus resulting in the immediate closure of educational institutions around the world. According to a report from UNESCO, around 87% of the world’s student population is affected due to the closure of schools. An estimated 1.5 billion learners in 165 countries are facing the adverse effects of the pandemic.

Many reports and researches are indicating the upcoming long-lasting effects on the education sector and for the learners around the world. The indicators and the experiences from the past pandemics show that parents are hesitant to send back their children to schools after the pandemic is over. This is due to their uncertainty regarding educational systems ability to implement strong safety protocols to keep their children safe.

Not only are the parents effected, but students also go through major disturbance in their learning process. With the closure of schools, colleges and universities, students are left with no immediate option to keep the learning process going as it took weeks for institutions to come up with distance learning alternatives. Many students may not go back to school as their parents lost their jobs or their income dropped significantly. Some may be left with a single parent or none and the idea to go back to school will be a dream. All these and many other issues cause serious concern for students and the educational sector around the world.

Some tips for students to save big during these difficult times with discount codes and promo codes

As global growth and GDP for economies like the U.S tend to drop significantly, every sector in the market is going to face the worst crisis of our times. Fortune’s article by Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs shows that the U.S economy is going to face a 30% drop in the GDP for the second quarter. The reports also show that the initial estimates of the economic pain from the virus were on the lower side. The economic losses are going to be much more than what was expected. This clearly shows that income levels are going to fall significantly across the board.

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Written by Sarah James

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