Room Essentials That You Must Keep In Your Bedroom


The bedroom is our personal space, and decorating it with furniture, lamps, paintings, and other interiors is an idea worth going ahead with. If you put extra thought into arranging furniture and other room essentials so that it neither looks too cluttered nor too abandoned with minimal décor, then keeping only room essentials will give your bedroom a desired look. 

Although decorating your bedroom seems exciting yet hectic, it will seem less daunting if you consider it a revamp of your bedroom’s interior with essential items only. Follow the open-concept bedroom idea and divide the space into small areas. Add room essentials in colors and designs that complement and elevate your bedroom interior décor. If you fail to decide which room essentials to add to your bedroom, this article will assist you in achieving the desired look, irrespective of the size of your bedroom. Hence, read the complete article to find out.

Following are the Room Essential Items You Should Add to Your Bedroom

These room essentials will elevate the comfort and coziness of your bedroom in less time. Here are some tips to arrange them to make your room look spacious. 

Bedside Tables With Drawers

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Bedside tables are the top room essential items as you can keep all the necessary stuff, such as table lamps, alarm clocks, or cell phones. Bedside tables with drawers provide more space to keep stuff, such as bedtime storybooks and medicines, cell phone chargers and hands-frees, pens, diaries, accessories, etc., which avoids the hassle of moving out of your bed to get any stuff you need at the time.

You can keep a wooden bedside table in your bedroom if the walls are painted white or light grey for an artistic look. If you wish to add extravaganza, add a white bedside table against a light yellow, or grey, white, and black wall. 

Table Lamps

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A bedroom is incomplete without a table lamp on both sides. It not only helps to light up your space with minimal brightness or allows you to read bedtime stories, but it also boosts the appearance of your bedroom. Table lamps come in various designs, but the ones with a cone-shaped shade and porcelain or pottery-shaped body look vintage and acquire more space. 

Hence, keep the latest table lamps with shades in cylindrical or cuboid shape, with a thin stand and a small base with a charging port attached. They acquire less space and add a luxurious touch to your bedroom interior. 

Dressing Table 

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A dressing table is a room essential which is required to get ready in less time. A hairbrush/ comb, perfume, makeup, jewelry, and other accessories are either kept on top or inside the dressing table drawer, which avoids the hassle of searching for these items every morning and saves time when we are in a rush. Nothing can diminish the significance of this room.

We suggest you place your dressing table across the bed to leave space around your bed. For small-sized bedrooms, we suggest adding a two or three-drawer dressing table that can be attached to the wall and requires less space. Choose a wide dressing table with more drawers for a large and spacious room.


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A mirror is one of those room essentials that perfectly complements a dressing table and boosts the bedroom aesthetic. Therefore, place the mirrors adjacent to the dressing table. The size of the mirror depends on the size of your bedroom and the wall where you wish to keep it. Some dressing tables have a mirror attached to them, varying in size. You can opt for it after considering the space. For a small-sized bedroom, you can place a medium-sized mirror with a designed frame, or add a small dressing table with a mirror attached to it, whatever suits you. 

Moreover, you can also place an independent large-sized mirror in your bedroom with a supporting stand, or you can attach one to the walls. You can also place oval, circle, or semi-circle-shaped mirrors for an exclusive look. 


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When decorating your bedroom with room essentials, don’t look back to place a wardrobe. Similar to other room essentials mentioned in this article, a wardrobe comes in different designs and sizes. Before opting for any wardrobe, consider size, color, and design to adjust in a given space and complement the furniture in your bedroom. 

Place a white-colored wardrobe against white, red, grey, or teal blue walls to achieve a ravish and opulent look. A wood-colored wardrobe placed against a white or grey wall will give an artistic look. 


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Curtains are an ideal room essential to curl up the corners and give a fine finish to your bedroom aesthetic. Curtains should also match or contrast with the color of your furniture and walls. Considering the curtain designs, plain curtains with single borders and solid dark colors such as teal blue, dark brown, purple, red, black, and white are trending these days. 

A dark-colored curtain against white-colored walls will look ethereal. If your walls are light grey, then dark grey or any other dark-colored curtain will complement the interior. I suggest you put a white or dark blue curtain against white or wood-colored furniture in your bedroom. 


Although the room essential items are supposed to be utilized for storing our essential items, if you add stylish and attractive ones, it will amplify the appearance of your bedroom for a lifetime. People who are short of budget or have less space in their bedroom can place small-sized furniture, add small-sized decoration pieces and frames to their mirrors, and fix shelves on the walls.

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