What you can expect from Betabrand

Did you ever hear about disco hoodies, executive hoodies or dress pant yoga pants? ever wonder how they came into existence, the answer is through crowdfunding.

Betabrand is the platform where you can find dresses, skirts, pants, hoodies, and shoes for both men and women. People Crowdfund new design projects and help turn them into full-fledged Betabrand products. And get special savings every time you fund!

Here are some recommendations that you should try!

Women’s Gold Reversible Disco Hoodie

This is the gold reversible disco hoodie from the DiscoLab collection which has a shiny disco ball surface which stands out in any situation no matter where you wear it. It is currently listed at $ 128.00 on website. Get instantly 20% off on any order with the exclusive Betabrand discount code.

Dress Pant Yoga Pants

Ever fantasize to wear yoga pants in the office? dress pant yoga pants are the most popular product of Betabrand, that are comfy yoga pants that are designed in a way, that you can wear them in the office without any hesitance. they are priced at $58.00

Navy Pinstripe Executive Hoodie

Navy Pinstripe Executive Hoodie is the crossover of a business suit and a hoodie. With combined functionalities, they are super comfortable while maintaining the decorum of business executive. The tagged price is $168 but you can get a discount coupon from to slash the price.

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Written by Amilia Roy


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