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25 Exciting Pet Halloween Costumes for Your 2021 Party

Dog wear a halloween costume

Halloween – petrifying as it can be! Of all the most awaited annual occasions, 31st October is the thrilling one. Every year, people come up with different Halloween costume ideas for kids and adults.

Nonetheless, this year the trend has taken a different road to excitement. Pet Halloween costumes are the hot picks this month. Yes! 2021 has a trick or treat for four-legged pals too. It is why major brands have updated their stock with the best animal Halloween costumes. So, if you are planning to scare your neighbors, do not forget to dress up your furry friend too. Hunt for the best Halloween sales coupon codes and pick spine-chilling dresses!

Best Pet Halloween Costumes

Dressing up your puppy or kitty sounds interesting. Pet lovers can look on social media and retailers for unique costumes. If you have a furry member in your family, check these ideas.

Best Dog Halloween Costumes

Let your loyal friend take a chill this October. These are the best small dog Halloween costumes on the internet. Check the Chewy coupons to save on these costumes.

1.       Pineapple Puppy Costume

Dress up your barking baby into a pineapple. Decorate your ‘Trick-o-Treat’ table with yummy pineapples treats. Funny dog costumes are a perfect idea for All Saints’ Eve this year.

2.       Bat Dog Costume

Not bad, but the bat is the right word for your puppy this year. Get hands-on with these cute bat wings and recreate the look for your pet. To add a scary tint, take pictures in black and white.

3.       Wonder Bitch Costume

All Hallows Eve is a good time to recreate your favorite character’s look. If you are wearing Wonder Woman to the party, get this costume for your doggie.

4.       DIY Dog Halloween Costume

There are several ways to create a bat costume for your pet. Besides adding the bat wings, recreate them in your favorite color. This shade for wings complements the spine-chilling style of October 31.

5.       Dog Clown Costume

Have you tried the Halloween dog collar? This lovely pick is to mimic the nightmarish joker from “It.” Tie a balloon around your puppy’s claw and snap the look before they burst it.

6.       Hat Bowtie Costume

Elegant pets have their class. If your puppy is fair brown and white with dreamy eyes, get this costume. A bowtie and hat combination is perfect to send chills down the spine. You can design your hat if you want.

7.       Gotham Pup Costume

What about the pretty puppy that came from Gotham for your Halloween 2021 party? Cover your pet in this Batman outfit if you have ordered your costume using the Spirit Halloween coupons.

8.       Spider Dog Costume

If Batman is not your thing, howl a yes for Spiderman. Pet Halloween costumes from Marvel are going to make a good go this October. Stick a fake spider to your pup for adding to the fun.

9.       Jurassic PupRaptor Costume

Do you want to hit the Halloween party with Owen’s raptors from Jurassic Park? If yes, then get this stylish PupRaptor costume for your furry friend. Call him buddy for the party and have fun!

10.       Dog Octopus Costume

Are you ready to transform your four-legged into an eight-legged this year? Get this beautiful dog octopus costume now. It is available in multiple colors. Pick one that suits your pet. Also, you can use it as a Halloween cat costume.

11.   Howl Dogwarts Costume

Is your German shepherd a Hogwarts fan? If yes, then this look is a fascinating choice. Easy as it may seem, this look is thrifty too. All you need is a pair of Harry Potter glasses. Try the Halloween costumes promo codes to save on these.

12.   Chucky Dog Costume

Chucky the dog! Is that so? Try this idea for Halloween 2021. Make your furry pet wear the Chucky dog costume while you slash all the guests and ask ‘Trick or Treat?’

13.   Dog Dinosaur Costume

Hoodies for the pet! Dress up your doggies in the best dog dinosaur costume this year. Arrange a competition and pick different colors as per your choice. 

14.   Dog Lion Costume

From Halloween to HallROARween, try every costume. Let your pet live one day like a lion and bite enemies in a fantastic way. Make sure your puppy knows it is just a party trick. So, no real bites!

15.   Dog Shark Costume

Play Baby Shark at your Halloween 2021 party. This dog shark costume is enough to make your puppy look cuter than ever. Try to buy a fabric that suits your pet’s skin.

16.   Tiger Dog Costume

Halloween makeup is not limited to us! Your pet can glam up for the Halloween fun too. Either you buy a tiger dog costume or try this unique look.

Cat Halloween Costumes

While dogs demand a scary makeover, plan something for your kitty too. Let her catwalk in the party with you. It is one of the best ways to celebrate Halloween with other pet lovers.

17.   Monster Cat Costume

Kittens make an amazing company if you want. Turn your kitty into a monstrous captain this year and enter a nerve-racking party with a meow. Let her carry an armor if you like.

18.   October Cats Costume

Cats look lovely in pointed witch hats. Thus, try a variety of voodoo hats on your kitty for fun. Invest in colored collars, wigs, bowties, and cloaks too. Are you ready with your broom now?

19.   Cat Burglar Costume

Witches walk with cats wherever they go. This October, cast a burglar spell on your kitty. Buy her this prisoner costume, and make sure you get this mask. Cover her head and write her name on the cap too.

20.   Spooky Cat Costume

Myths about black cats cannot be missed in October. If you are a shady cat owner, this is your occasion. Cover her in this spooky jute cloak and make the most of it. Make sure she mews and scares every passerby for fun.

21.   Cowboy Catty Costume

Get ready for the fun! Cowboy costume for your cat is a perfect pick for this All-Saints’ Eve. If your kitty is adventurous and an actress, let her portray some funny poses before the party ends!

22.   Peacock Halloween Costume

The best one for an ocean-eyed cat so far! This Halloween peacock costume is meant for a white pussy alone. Let your kitty wag her tail while she catwalks in the party, and you mimic a ghost bride.

Other Pet Halloween Costumes

Cats and dogs are not restrictions for sure. There are more beings people like to keep. If you own another pet, try these ideas.

23.   Vampire Mouse Costume

If not Scabbers the rat then, a vampire mousey may look great for Halloween. Get hands-on with this adorable cloak and drape your little Reepicheep into a scary blood-sucker.

24.   Triceratops Turtle Costume

From a slow and steady turtle to a fierce triceratops. Transform your little pet in whatever way you like and win the race again. Get one costume hat for yourself and post it on Instagram this October.

25.   Witchy Hedgehog Costume

Owning a hedgehog is fun if you are not in California. Its spiky skin is enough to play a spooky character for the Halloween costume party 2021. Thus, get a spiny hat for this mammal, and your pet is ready to scare.

The Bottom Line

The pet Halloween costumes list is long. You can slip your puppy, Micky, kitty, and any other being into ample costumes. Try to take interest in whatever you plan for the party. Don’t forget to share your pet’s pictures in the comments below. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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Written by Amilia Roy


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