Best Fun Places to Visit in Denver, Colorado


Denver often called the ‘Mile High City’ is one of the best tourist destinations on this planet. It is located a mile above sea level, which makes it the highest city in the United States. Also, it is the hottest American city for residency and tourism.

Therefore, it carries a plethora of attraction spots. From visiting the zoo to discovering the museum, there is much you can do in Denver. Most holidaymakers look for a travel guide to explore the city easily.

Hence, we have shared a list of the best tourist destinations here. Keep reading to know about these.

Top Attraction Spots in Denver

Denver is one of the best places to live in US. It has a wide array of shopping marts, malls, and famous brands.

You can expect to spend half of your savings on shops. Whereas the other half will provide you with a tour of some stunning tourist attractions.

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science

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Museums hold great significance and add value to their hometown. Similarly, the Denver Museum of nature and science is one of the best tourist attractions in this city. You will love this place for its stunning dinosaur skeletons and several remains of Ice Age animals.

Also, it is popular for holding the largest nugget of gold all over Colorado. Authorities of this museum keep hosting several exhibitions. As a result, you can always find a new setting here.

Molly Brown House Museum

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As the name implies, the Molly brown house museum is formed in the dedication of Molly brown. She was a Christian activist and survivor of the 1912 incident of the RMS Titanic. People called her brave as she urged the crew of her lifeboat and went back to the capsize looking for survivors.

This legendary museum welcomes approximately 50,000 visitors annually. If you have watched the romantic tale of Jack and Rose, this location may fancy you. The museum offers experienced guides to let visitors know about her life before and after the incident.

Also available is a fancy gift shop beside her house. So you can buy whatever you like.

The Denver Botanic Garden

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If your purpose for traveling is peace and relaxation, then the Denver Botanic Garden is your place to go. This beautiful 24-acre space offers stunning greenery, attractive sculptures, and several pools. These together make a perfect sight for nature lovers.

Among the most exciting sculptures, a beautiful horse stripped bare may fascinate you. It was created by Deborah Butterfield. For a better look, walk around the vibrant Monet Pool. It is covered with tiny lilies that make the overall scenario attractive.

Do not miss the chance to visit the nearby gift shop. It is a great place to shop for lovely trinkets.

Mount Evans Scenic Byway

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Denver has much for adventure lovers on its tracks. For instance, this iconic byway on Highway 5 can attract you at once. It is an ideal location for sightseeing and gives an adrenaline rush that you may have while hiking.

All you need to do is to pay a car entrance fee and get behind the wheel. Make all arrangements beforehand, as this tourist spot opens during a specific period annually. What’s more, is it being the tallest paved road in the United States.

In the end, do you know what height will you reach at the very peak? More than 14,000 feet above sea level! It is why the road offers multiple stop points for visitors to see the stunning view of the Rocky Mountains.

The Denver Art Museum

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The Denver Art Museum is not only the most vibrant tourist spot in the city. It also lies among the ten best attractions places for art lovers all over Colorado. Standing as a pair of buildings in the famous Golden Triangle District, it covers more than 70,000 artworks from every corner of the world.

From African and European to American and Asian, the artwork of every aspect is found here. Also, the museum showcases pre-Colombian pieces of art. A huge selection of its work dates back to two centuries. Moreover, this location fascinates shutterbugs for its separate gallery dedicated to photography.

The buildings themselves are statement works of art. It was constructed in 1971 and later expanded in 2006 before being opened to the public.

City Park

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Almost every travel guide to Denver will mention the City Park in their list. It is for the impressive 330 acres of land the park covers easily. Within its massive boundaries stand the Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. It offers a perfect spot for families and couples.

From sightseeing the impressive views of the city skyline to romancing in the Spanish-style silhouette, the City Park is ideal for everyone. Besides the breathtaking sight of this park, it has enough attraction for nature lovers.

You can always walk inside the air-conditioned museum to learn about this city.

The Denver Zoo

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While this zoo lies inside the City Park, it stands as the best fun place to visit all over Colorado. Founded in 1890, it houses more than 4,000 animals fascinatingly. Hence, you can feel like walking in the world of wilderness here.

A huge 8-acre land of the park is engulfed by The Denver Zoo. It offers shelter to mammals, birds, invertebrates, reptiles, aquatic creatures, and more. You can walk straight into the Polar Bears’ Den or the appealing Monkey Island for entertainment.

Also, it hosts the EDGE – the most exotic spot in the zoo. Here, you get the chance to walk within six inches of a pair of Siberian tigers.

Are You Ready To Explore Denver?

Exploring the beautiful city of Denver is something every person in Colorado wishes for. Thus, plan your trip well and make sure to visit each of the tourist attractions discussed earlier. Also, if you have been to Denver before, do share your experiences in the comments below. We will love to know about more travel sights in the city.

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