Best Fun Places to Visit in Nashville, Tennessee


Nashville, also known as the Music City, is the capital of Tennessee. It is located in the heart of the state near the Cumberland River. People often call it the Athens of the South.

Moving on, the city was founded in 1779. A century ago, it became the hometown of the Grand Ole Opry radio station. Since then, it has formed a reputation as the capital of country music.

Besides rhythmic attractions, the city offers stunning Greenway trails pedestrian bridges, and tasty food. It is a place of historic attractions and hiking lovers. Holidaymakers find it one of the best tourist destinations on the globe.

However, it also makes it one of the best places to live in USA.  If you’re looking to explore the city, keep reading. We have shared a quick guide to help people know about the top tourist destinations in Nashville.

Top Nashville Tourist Attractions

Are you fond of music? Have you ever explored Music City? People often update their Nashville bucket list for the countless music events held here annually. Whenever you plan to explore Tennessee, start with these locations.


According to residents, Broadway is known as the beating heart of downtown Nashville. It is a cheerful and vibrant place covered with energetic clubs, bars, saloons, eateries, and shops. Also, you can consider it a double-duty destination in this city.

It serves as an amazing tourist destination during the daytime. However, after sunset, Broadway dances to music and beats. While travelers visit here during daylight, residents walk here at night.

It is because visitors spend all their money on food, sightseeing, and shopping. Whereas, music lovers enjoy eating, drinking, singing, and dancing. Do not miss the opportunity to ride the mechanical bull if you visit here.

Grand Ole Opry

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As mentioned earlier, this radio station is the main attraction of Nashville. People call it the show that took country music to a higher level. Dating back to 100 successful years, it turns out as the longest-running show all over the United States.

Among its marvelous provisions, gospel, country, bluegrass, and folk music are popular. Visiting its 4000 seat Opry House is a fun thing to do in this city. Most people visit here before the show in order to explore the dressing rooms and the stage.

Besides music, comedy shows and other live performances are also held here.

Music Row

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Another standout attraction for music lovers in Nashville is the music row. You can consider it the street of entertainment in this city. It is because Music Row holds recording studios, music production companies, record labels, and radio stations.

The radio towers and recordings on this street allow tours. For this reason, you will love to enjoy sightseeing at this location. It is why the statue of a famous singer in front of the grand piano sounds interesting.

Further, the place is located near shopping marts and restaurants. Thus, you can buy whatever you like and savor your taste buds too.

The Nashville Zoo

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Most people consider the zoo as an entertainment spot for kids. However, the Nashville zoo is unlike the conventional ones. It is one of the most iconic attractions in Tennessee. Also, it is known as the 9th largest zoo in the country.

During the 1800s, the place was a host of the standard farm home.  Today, the zoo hosts more than 3000 animals from more than 300 species. Visitors are allowed to take pictures with some of these animals and feed them.

What’s more, is the collection of zoo-sponsored camps and classes? These fun activities can help your kids to learn lessons about zookeeping.

The Nashville Shores

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Adventure-seeking with the water Blues has its charm. It is why people are passionate about water parks. The Nashville shores are one such water park, along with the stunning treetop adventure course.

Thriller this tourist spot is mandatory. It is because the park uses over 1,000,000 gallons of water to run the slides, wave pools, splash pads, and rivers. In contrast, the treetop adventure course is a thrilling combination of cargo nets and zip lines.

The only drawback about this location is its time limit. You can only visit the Nashville shores during the peak season.

The Cumberland Park

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Besides music, Nashville is best known for its Cumberland River. Henceforth, this park makes one of the best tourist spots in the city. It is located at the riverfront of the 700-mile waterway.

People are fond of its gigantic splash pad during summertime. Also, the butterfly gardens and bike paths make an amazing Location overall. Not only is it a family-friendly spot, but a romantic honeymoon destination too.

Owners of this park also hold amphitheaters to host live concerts. As a result, leaving Tennessee without exploring this park is not an option.

Are You Ready To Explore Nashville, Tennessee?

At this point, we have mentioned most of the popular attractions in Nashville. If you plan to explore this city, start with these locations.

Keep in mind that Nashville holds the most iconic attractions throughout the country. Hence, you can visit this vibrant and beautiful city whenever you like. From residency to tourism, this city has everything you will love. We will love to hear your views about the city and its attractions. Have a safe journey!

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