Best Fun Places to Visit in Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas

The pandemic has altered the definition of residency and tourism for all of us. It is why we made a list of the best places to live in US safely and happily. On our list was Austin, the capital of Texas, USA.

Folks who plan to move permanently to this city may need a travel guide. To make you feel comfortable in your new home, we have shared a list of the best fun places to visit here. Henceforth, give our tension to these top-rated attractions and have fun.

The Top Attractions in Austin, Texas

Austin, found in 1839, is considered the second largest state capital in the United States of America. It is a diverse location known for cultural, educational, and administrative purposes.

For this reason, it is built beautifully in every corner.

Ladybird Lake

Starting with the best tourist spot for water lovelies, this Ladybird Lake is a part of the river of Colorado. It was named after President Lyndon Johnson’s wife.  With 416 acres of hotels, recreational areas, and educational firms, it makes a perfect place to visit.

Most of this park is open for visitors. You can find cyclists making the most of their skills on its trails. While motorized boards are instructed here, kayak and canoe add to the overall fun. For more, authorities have established a rowing center for kayaking and canoeing lessons.

The State Capitol and Visitors Center

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Most people visit the State Capitol for publicity, pictures, value, and history. It is 22 acres of a landscape covered with historic monuments. Also, it stands as the home to the state governor’s office. After its completion in 1888, it has been holding the chambers of the Texas Legislature to date.

Do not miss the chance to see the stunning Vietnam War monument or the unique Texas Rangers statue. Furthermore, the mini Statue of Liberty held at this place makes a statement. It is a memorable gift from the Boy Scouts of the USA that dates back to 1951. For residents, weekdays are the best time to enjoy free tours of this place.

Greetings from the Austin Mural

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Austin meets and greets every visitor, tourist, and resident at this location. It is considered the best selfie spot all over the city. You can find this place adding value in the heart of Austin. It sits as a colorful wall painting huge enough to resemble a life-sized postcard.

The painting revolves around some famous landmarks of the city. For instance, the State Capitol or the Texas Tower University.  It is painted by the owner of the Roadhouse Relics Studio. Folks can take countless pictures here and share them on their social media accounts.

Museum of the Weird

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As unique as its name, the museum of the weird is an energetic attraction spot for the people in Texas. Its uncommon setting gathers stuff like Melted wax fingers and shrunken heads. For making sure the place looks weird, the owner has painted every wall in a bright yellow color.

Visitors love to take pictures of deformed skulls, taxidermy animals, and multiple weird antiques of this museum. All your time spent inside this location passes in the blink of an eye. Hence, plan a trip to this place when you wish to spend most of your time laughing and having fun.

Blazer Tag Adventure Center

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Most attraction spots in Texas are ideal for people who plan to explore the state during summer vacations. However, for the residents and tourists of the winter holidays, Austin shares fun places like the blazer tag. This gigantic three-story building is known as the largest laser tag all over the city.

Each of its floors gives a stunning view of bridges, ramps, corridors, and more. This place is heavenly for adventure lovers. It makes you feel like walking in a video game or experiencing a Hollywood military exercise. You can play against your friends or combat random teams here. To revive after the game, blazer tag has amazing cafes.

Toy Joy

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Every person in Austin lives intending to make their city look weird and unique. It is the easiest way to let Austin remain a popular tourist destination. Toy Joy is also manufactured with the same purpose. It is a vibrant spot offering toys, entertainment, and incredible vintage collections.

Under its list of things to do, you can find kaleidoscopes, Board games, stuffed animals, lava lamps, and a lot more. Even the conventional toys here, like dolls or puzzles, are engaging for kids. Nevertheless, Toy joy has a name for its marvelous trinkets. If you’re planning to buy memories from Austin, it is the best one-stop shop.

Final Thoughts

Austin, Texas, is one of the best places for residency and tourism all over the United States. It has a lot more on the list that you can explore. However, we recommend you to start from the above-mentioned destinations.

Whenever you plan to visit Austin for whatsoever reason, give attention to these places. Also, share your pictures with us. If you are fond of some other attraction spots, please discuss them in the comments section. We will love to hear from you!

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