Best Fun Places to Visit in Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville, Florida

Do you ever think about planning a perfect vacation at a dreamy destination? Passing through the pandemic has made life different.

Previously, People looked for adventure and beauty in a destination. However, the most important factor for residency or travel nowadays is safety and satisfaction.

It is why Jacksonville is considered one of the best places to live in US. When talking about Florida, versatility, colors, attraction, food, and comfort are everywhere. Thus, we have shared a travel guide to highlight the best fun spots in this city.

Best Attraction Spots in Jacksonville, Florida

Either as residents or holidaymakers, explore Jacksonville most amazingly.

The Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary

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This place was never discovered for tourism. In fact, it is a nonprofit organization made for the awareness and education of people. It lets people understand the threats of owning wild and big cats as pets.

Also, it explains to pet owners the dangers these poor animals can face as a result. Interestingly, every animal in this sanctuary is brought by owners who failed to handle their pets. The Catty Shack Ranch turns out to be an attractive spot for keeping some of the most exotic cats in the world.

Visitors can enjoy a close look at tigers, pumas, lions, foxes, leopards, and more. You can enjoy free tours of this place whenever you like.

Fort George Island Cultural State Park

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This cultural State Park, built-in 1736, lies among the historic landmarks of Florida. It further makes a great tourist spot covered with natural beauty, recreational activities, and picturesque wildlife.

What’s more to this location is the Ribault Club. It was founded in 1928 as a wintertime recreational spot for high authorities. Folks can enjoy kayaking, golfing, cycling, fishing, birding, hiking, and a lot more.

Furthermore, this site recalls the history of the Kingsley plantation. It is a place where slaves were kept and trained to increase their value in the market.

Friendship Fountain

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Fountains are one of the most stunning Attraction points among tourists. Hence, travelers from all over the world love to witness the sight of this friendship fountain. It is considered one of the most iconic destinations all over the city.

During its launch in 1960, it made the tallest and the biggest found worldwide. It utilized three different pumps to move 17,000 tons of water every minute. Each of its jet streams hit the sky at 100 feet.

Currently, it performs according to the latest technology. Therefore, you can witness colorful lights and fireworks during vacations and festivals. As the name implies, countless groups of friends visit this fountain together to make memories.

13th Floor Haunted House

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Are you fond of horror movies and haunted destinations? If yes, then Jacksonville is your place to visit in Florida. It holds the fearsome building of the 13th floor haunted house.

You can experience all the spine-chilling scenes from your favorite horror movies here. From vampires and witches to clowns and ghosts, expect everything under its roof! If you’re tired of waiting for Halloween, at this place to your travel bucket list.

It hosts huge events and parties that take entertainment to another level. Do not forget to visit this house whenever you explore Jacksonville.

Museum Of Science and History

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Museums are considered as one of the most popular tourist destinations globally. However, in the case of Jacksonville, things differ. The Museum of Science and History (MOSH) is not going to bore you.

Unlike conventional museums, it hosts interesting planetarium shows and live animal events. Further, it offers games and crafts to entertain kids. Because it is a place of science and history, adults can find interest too.

For instance, workshops, lectures, and documentary shows Teach people about numerous subjects. Remember that it is one of the best attraction points in Florida. Therefore, expect to find a huge crowd here.

Atlantic Beach

People often visit Jacksonville during summertime for its water blues. Thus, visiting Atlantic Beach is something you cannot afford to miss.

Beaches are all about the cool breeze, soothing sunshine, rhythmic waves, and moist sand. Hence, you can easily make the most of St. Johns River Ferry and visit this astounding place. Also, it is an amazing spot for deep-sea fishing provided by several charter companies.

Tourists love the Atlantic Beach for the ‘Tide Views Preserve.’ Overall it is a soothing place to relax and have fun during the hotter months.

The Takeaway

When you plan to explore the attractions of Jacksonville, Florida, options are many. For this reason, we have mentioned the name of some famous spots in this city. It may help readers to enjoy a quick guide without messing with maps. Therefore, you can start from these destinations and make your trip memorable. In case, you are permanently moving to Jacksonville, add these places to your list. Let your weekends and holidays be full of enthusiasm, fun, and adventure. Do not forget to share your views about each of these places. Also, discuss your favorite attraction spots in the comments below.

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